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Sick music for sick people
After being evolved under the influence of Electro/Industrial music, the French project A7ie has been established in the year 2002 under the name Aseptie. Initially it was intended, to built an instrumental music project, which experiments with harsh and distorted beats supported by dark and melodic background sounds. The first track under the usage of vocals has been launched in 2005 and has entered a slot on the compilation ”In This Cold Terrific Room 2”, released by the label La Chambre Froide (France). ”Pray (This Agony)” has received fantastic reactions by both, audience and press, and has been played in many clubs worldwide.

After several remixes for bands like Agonoize, Tamtrum or Alien Produkt, the band name finally got changed into A7ie and a first single entitled ”Messiah” has been released. Some appearances on international compilations like ”Gothic Magazine”, ”Goth Is What You Make It Vol. 2” or ”Extreme Sündenfall Vol.6” could have been arranged too. Under the slogan ”Sick Music For Sick People”, A7ie returned in September 2007 with the debut album ”Distress”, released on both labels, La Chambre Froide and Rupal Records (Germany). This album has been produced by the German studio wizard Jan L. (X-Fusion/Noisuf-X) and thanks to its sick and depressive content, ”Distress” has been announced as being the best Dark Electronic album of the month.

“Distress is an album that offers 11 detonating and commitedly hardcore EBM / Dark Electrotracks replete with the hardest beats and the most monstruous distorted vocals… A Real must for fans of the harsh stuff.” (musicnonstop)

“After some cool discoveries like Tamtrum, Skoyz and Neon Cage Experiment, A7ie is one more band emerging from the French dark electro corner and in my eyes the most convincing one for so far. A7ie creates a sonic state of terror crafted through devastating powerful tracks where danceable vibes and nightmarish atmospheres are melting together.” (sideline)

Then Charline joined the project to play live keyboards for the first concerts in France but also in Europe.

"I have filled my heart with hate"

Three years after the stunning success of ”Distress”, A7ie is on returning with a new album called ”The Shattering”, now signed to Advoxya Records (Hungary).
For this album, wounds in all forms have been named as being the main album theme, without any room for remorse and regrets. Heavier than ever and very danceable produced, so take care.... Time has come to endure HATE!

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's in the land fairest of them all ??"

With "Narcissick", most of Advoxya's label roots and selected guests united to provide a7ie with its finest hour of glory, making some exclusive remixes from the previous album "The Shattering". Also includes exclusive track and remix from Gyom himself.
The project also decides to release for this EP, a Lady Gaga's cover of her song "Bad Romance". Highly controversial by the press and the audience, this track will launch A7ie outside the french hexagone, providing some live concerts in Greece, Ukraine, but also Germany for the first time.
Meanwhile, Charline decides to leave the project.

twins "I was made by you"
End 2012, A7ie closes its album trilogy with "Tabula Rasa" released in December. With this last salute to the fans and the audience, "Tabula Rasa" became the most mature and accomplished stuff from the project, totally designed (sound and artworks) by a7ie's true friends.
This is sick music for sick people, striking like a blast some spleen, sickness, insanity but also ... hope, a new departure.