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Released on: Sep, 02. 2016
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records
Reference: AD-HUN-116-EP
Produced by: Stahlblack Studios
Cover Design by: Deominus Studios

01. I Wish I Could (Cold Therapy Remix)
02. The Evil In Us (Acylum Remix)
03. Face To Death (Vault 113 Remix)
04. I Wish I Could (Altered by Venal Flesh)
05. Face To Death (Remixed by Die Braut)
06. Occidere Mundi (Blooshed Wolrd by Alien:Nation Remix)
07. The Evil In Us (Archazard Remix)
08. The Evil In Us (Controlled Collapse Remix)
09. Face To Death (Thornsectide Remix)
10. Fallacious Chrysalis (Insectile Mix by NoLongerHuman)
11. Find The Cure (Final Version) lyrics
12. Occidere Mundi (Hasswut Remix)
13. Fallacious Chrysalis (Brain Over Dust Remix)
14. Show Me (V2.0) lyrics


Also exists in a strictly limited edition boxset

Contains: Narcissick II Gatefold with white 7inch + CD, also tshirt of your choice + cards + mirror + poster + key-chain Hand Signed

Find The Cure:
It's all good, It's all bad
What a crual dilemma
What is truth, what is wrong
I love you then i kill you

So much pain deep inside
So much hate, so many fights

This is my cure, solution
Here is my sin, absolution

I know i'm hurting you
But i'm in cure
You're just a doll, my toy
I know inside you love it

Show Me:*
Show me your fear
Show me your pale eyes
I wanna see you shiver
Seduce me with your pain
Let me release my phantasies
Of perverted crime
Give me the thrill
Make me forget reality

Make me blind

Show me your flesh
µThe naked truth
Show me your blood
The virgin wine
I wanna give you the haze of death
Let me steal your fucking breathe
Make my phantasies come true
Let me sink into grief

Take the mirror, show me the truth
Let me see myself, pale and dead

Lyrics by M.Schulze & A7ie