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Narcissick Volume II

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01. I Wish I Could (Remixed by Cold Therapy)
02. The Evil In Us (Remixed by Acylum)
03. Face To Death (Remixed by Vault-113)
04. I Wish I Could (Altered by Venal Flesh)
05. Face To Death (Remixed by Die Braut)
06. Occidere Mundi (Bloodshed World by Alien:Nation)
07. The Evil In Us (Remixed by Archazard)
08. The Evil In Us (Remixed by Controlled Collapse)
09. Face To Death (Remixed by Thornsectide)
10. Fallacious Chrysalis (Insectile Mix by Nolongerhuman)
11. Find The Cure (Final Version)
12. Occidere Mundi (Remixed by Hasswut)
13. Fallacious Chrysalis (Remixed by Brain Over Dust)
14. Show Me (V2.0)

VINYL SIDE A. Twist (Remixed by Wumpscut)
VINYL SIDE B. A Dream Within A DReam (Remixed by Xentrifuge)

(For the boxset, don't forget to specify the shirt sizing)

Limited to 100 pcs.
Catalogue number: AD-HUN-116-BOX
Package: box-set
Contains: Narcissick II Gatefold with white 7inch + CD, also tshirt of your choice + cards + mirror + poster + key-chain

Limited to 150 pcs.
Catalogue number: AD-LTD-11-7”
Package: gatefold 7inch WHITE vinyl + cd.

Catalogue number: AD-HUN-116-CD
Package: transparent simple jewel-case.

On Bandcamp only, including exclusive remixes by PerfectHate, ADEONESIS, Cutoff:Sky, Suspifun, Radatio, Fredrik Croona & Wolfchild

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